Tips to Successfully Buy a Home

    Buying a house can be a daunting task. Your next home, you will live in for some time. It is one of the most important financial transactions you will make in your life. So, it is a little important. In my book, it is very, very important. I am writing this to help you get it done right in order to finish the transaction to your benefit. Let us start looking at those tips.

    • First tip is the hardest one to tell you. I have been told to eat the frog first. This is where we are going. Get over yourself. Yes, I did. I said it. I know. What a jerk real estate agent I am. However, I want to give you the best advice first. When I am talking to my clients, at some point, I will ask the question; what do you do for a living? They will list their occupation. I will say,” I would not have a clue how to do that. However, I know real estate.” The point is this is my world and I eat, drink, and sleep real estate. Turn yourself over to that experience. To tell you a story; I had a guy, FSBO, who had his house for sale for six months. He was telling me that I would sell more houses if my picture were on my yard sign. I had already that month sold four properties and he could not sell his one. Turn yourself over to a good agent.

    • Next, submit to the process. If your agent is not explaining the steps of the process, you need a new agent. When we stay in the lanes of a real estate transaction, there is less stress. A good agent is a guide through the complicated transaction. The loan process, the title process, the showing process, and the negotiation process are just a few of the activities involved with buying a house. Would you climb a mountain by yourself or hire a Sherpa to lead you up? They know the mountain backward and forwards. You would submit to the process if it meant your life. This means your financial life. Submit to the process.

    • The last tip for this article is the house inspector. Here is the only place I throw my weight around and there is a lot to throw around too. You need to know what you are buying and these are the people to tell you. I will not let you buy a house without this part happening. The inspector is state regulated. They work off a list and they do not skip steps. They look at all houses as if they were built yesterday. Now, I have sold houses over 50 years to 100 years old. Do you think they are up to today’s code? No, they are not. That is for the slow people like me. I will point out to my clients the issue(s) an inspector will see. That way they are not scared off by the report. Because a house built in the 80’s will have a lot of red ink. Does that mean we do not buy the house? No, the 80’s were a great decade for music and homes. We just know what we are buying. Get an inspector and measure the real problems verses it would nice if this was here.

    I will share more tips for your buying project in the future. I will leave you with this. Buying a home is a project, but do not let it get the best of you. I find it fun. You will too. Let us get going.

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