Bug Off

    Summer is upon us. All of this cold weather is going to be gone very soon. If you are like me, I get excited usually around Easter to get my yard looking spiffy for the big Easter egg hunt! Many of my clients who have moved to Texas from other states ask me what type of plants to plant. Whether they are needing landscaping for their newly built home or revamping last years landscaping. I like to choose landscaping plants to help keep those pesky mosquitos away. My favorite  is lemongrass. The citronella is the oil found in lemongrass. It has such a nice citrus sent. It needs a lot of sun so it transitions well in to the summer. Another great plant for landscaping is mint. It spreads like wildfire. I love using it as garnish on some of those light summer desserts or for a touch of extra flavor in lemonade. Basil is another eatable plant that is great for keeping mosquitos away.  Of course, there are tons of yummy dishes you can use basil in! For a pop of color in your landscaping marigolds or chrysanthemums are a great option. According to an article by “Hello Natural” Chrysanthemums are useful in keeping away mosquitoes, roaches, ticks and silverfish away while marigolds help keep mosquitoes and aphids out of your yard.

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